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Around the Table

I was last to speak and quite grateful. Primarily, because I really wasn’t prepared for my kids to learn that my one opportunity to YOLO had scared me straight. (Yes, just as intense as the jailhouse reality show of the 80’s) My only salvation is that my kids could embrace the idea of YOLO confidently because of their upbringing. Like a scene from the movie Peter Pan I sat patiently waiting to hear of all the YOLO adventures I was sure they never hesitated to dive into. Blindsided with eyes wide open is a black eye that lasts well beyond the swelling. YOLO apples are no less sensible than YOLO trees; go figure.

Fierce Authentic Conversations

Let Misty break it down…

…. What exactly is YOLO for? That one acronym makes it sound as if you are going to die tomorrow and you should go ahead and do things that will lead up to your untimely death. I feel as if this one saying lures you to break every commonly sensed moral belief there is. READ MORE..

Jaz’s balancing act

…Your body and mind can only experience what you expose them to. YOLO is not telling you to go out and do crazy, stupid things. It is saying; to live your life to the fullest, go and explore, gain knowledge, fall in love, fall out of love, get hurt, eat your feelings, make a change! YOLO isn’t just the physical act of going out and doing things you’ve never done before; it is rather the mental and emotional task of opening your heart and mind to things you’ve never imagined.READ MORE..

Cherie throws caution to the wind

…. In order to actually embrace the idea that you only live once, it requires a #trust in the process and a release of #control. In 2013, I’d been given the opportunity – or rather had taken the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and grab onto an unplanned chance to do something new. This experience could go very well or not well at all – and I had devised no master plan to ensure one or block the other.READ MORE..

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