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"My Past, Her Present, Our Future"

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage mothers and daughters to authentically stretch the boundaries of communication beyond their individual family roles and develop a deeper understanding of each other and themselves.


Our Vision

Our vision is for all mothers, daughters and sisters to set their inhibitions free and indulge in the real talk of embracing our past, present and future as individuals.


Our Values

We believe to be yourself is enough. Period.

Join us as we share our family topics and individual responses. We hope it will inspire you to challenge the norm with Fierce Authentic Conversations in your circle of Mothers, Daughters and Sisters

Recent Posts


Reality Is Just a Bunch of Things Distracting You From Reality

I always try and think of reality as an abstract concept which helps me from internalizing strife. The idea that reality is based on perception, that it is only what you see it to be; combats the part of me that over thinks everything. The problem with reality is that it is so real. I gravitate toward books that have some kind of alternate reality setting or plot. A “what if” scenario depicting a utopian and or dystopian view of society or the world, which leads me to put myself in the characters shoes. Wanting and wishing to be anywhere else than the present. As I got older, I realized it was possible to alter your current reality in certain ways. I’m referring to drugs and alcohol; each wi

My Reality and The Commonest Of Senses

Common sense; my motto I live by. All my choices are surrounded around this idea of common sense. Yet, I could only describe to you what it is using colloquial and context clues in which I've heard it being used. According to Merriam Webster common sense means,” sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.” After reading this definition my interpretation of common sense and perception of life is completely jumbled up now. Do I really have sound judgment? I can't allow you to get confused on the difference between observant and sound judgment. I've always been observant, quick to notice things. My observance is more heightened thanks to my impeccable soci


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