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Our Story

The FACs tool exceeded its purpose and our expectations over the last 5 years. The outcome has strengthened our relationships, raised our awareness, and developed our emotional intelligence, replaced rules and regulations with trust, respect and self reflection. 

We have learned more about ourselves than ever we could have by simply being a mother, daughter or sister. We learned to reveal freely and be who we are meant to be.

We challenge you to be your true self and embrace your daughter(s) and mother(s) as they become  their true selves.


We are a family of women who love each other and strive to be the best versions of ourselves. As a single parent household encompassing three generations of women, this gap coupled with our strong personalities provide for a very opinionated living space. Five years ago, equipped with a passion to ensure our little family would not grow to be estranged as we journeyed our life’s paths, we developed The FACs (Fierce Authentic Conversations) model of communication.


Our goal is to get to know each other beyond our familial roles. Whether it's laughing or crying everyone is connected together helping each other grow. 



 “The Mom” of the FACs Family. A product of a bi-racial, uneducated eight-member single-parent household where she grew up in the high rise buildings of the Speer Village ghetto in Passaic, New Jersey. A life her daughters would never experience. Cherie's personable and authentic roots are deeply embedded in whole honesty.  A 30 plus year corporate Executive, she consistently seeks growth by humbly sharing her strengths on equal ground with her vulnerabilities.  An enchanting personality and exhilarating sense of humor, Cherie combines her personal and professional life experiences to broaden the power of authenticity, acceptance of self and others. 

"The thrill of the Seesaw ride is in the precise balance of an up-and-down motion. And the most memorable lessons are the Cherry Bombs of life." - Cherie Lee Avinger



“The Daughter” of the FACs Family, bravely sharing her life’s experiences and never ending thirst for knowledge.  A sharp, comical and remarkable woman who brings spark and energy to any room she enters. A professional Marketing Strategist whose talents bring‘s dreams and purpose to life.  She loves outdoor activites, going to EDM concerts, reading endless fiction novels and eating delicious food. Jaz offers an objective, passionate and whimsical perspective on each topic journeyed.



“The Sister” of the FACs Family. An avid Ted Talk follower, Misty's innate ability to speak and write with clarity is refreshingly blunt, but with flair. Currently, a high school student whose opportunity to study at Cambridge University for a summer catapulted her love for Psychology & Cognitive Behavior. We dub her the  “Intelligent Comedian” . You’ll be guaranteed to experience both a good laugh and ‘Aha’ moment that may change your life when in Misty’s realm.

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