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"My Past, Her Present, Our Future"

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage mothers and daughters to authentically stretch the boundaries of communication beyond their individual family roles and develop a deeper understanding of each other and themselves.


Our Vision

Our vision is for all mothers, daughters and sisters to set their inhibitions free and indulge in the real talk of embracing our past, present and future as individuals.


Our Values

We believe to be yourself is enough. Period.

Join us as we share our family topics and individual responses. We hope it will inspire you to challenge the norm with Fierce Authentic Conversations in your circle of Mothers, Daughters and Sisters

Recent Posts


That's The Way It Has Always Been

In recent times sexual harassment has been brought to light in a rushing wave through the #METOO campaign. As more and more information unfolded I found myself unable to relate to mass media exposure. I doubt the experience for these women were any less than that of those who were assaulted in the humble abodes of their own homes, but the publicity was just not there to capture it. There are plenty of not so powerful men who succeeded at doing just as much damage if not more to many unknown, unrecognized females. And so my story begins…. “Girl! You got to use what the good Lord gave you! “ Just, another ‘raw’ lesson of wisdom downloaded from my mom. If you have been following my blog, th

Weinstein, Nassar, Salling and Moore

I used to be extremely vexed and personally offended when my mom would warn me about all my friend’s fathers or their brothers and their behaviors. It made me feel like we were victim blaming my friends and their family without even really knowing them. But recently with all that has come to light with sexual assault was she truly outlandish for assuming that men have the potential to be abusers in any form? Men like Harvey Weinstein and Ray Moore and Larry Nassar or Mark Salling. These men who people trusted, abused that trust and they bring a bad name to all men everywhere. I recently watched all 150 women’s victim impact statements during Larry Nassar’s sentencing. These young women as yo

Sex Is Like Boxing

As a young woman this topic brings quite a bit up for me. To start I want to say being a woman in this world is an experience like no other. Looking at the recent news headlines of sexual assault and sexual harassment, glancing at my social media news feed to see personal stories and #MeToo’s worry me constantly. I am a woman undoubtedly outspoken (against my mother’s requests I suspect) about social inequalities, challenging those who choose to stick with the status quo. Amongst the flurry of assault on women of all kinds from their bodies to their health care something recently stood out, a SNL Sketch. “Welcome to hell” a music video featuring women outlining all the things that have been


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