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The Art of Being Reckless

I hate reading quotes about how “tomorrow wouldn’t be, if you didn’t live today.” It gets me and a lot of others to do stupid things, because you only live once! Of course, that one acronym makes it sound as if you are going to die tomorrow and you should go ahead and do things that will lead up to your untimely death. With this over exaggerated thought in mind; you go jump out of said airplane or don’t wear your seat belt while driving.

What exactly is YOLO for? Is it just a saying of weird confusion to make you want to go out and explore the world? No. They even had to shorten the most commonly used words into a four lettered sentence, in order for the hip whippersnappers to hear what they’re saying!

Do you know exactly what you’re saying when you say YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE? I feel as if this one saying lures you to break every commonly sensed moral belief there is. That you are going to die and your life is worthless if you don’t do something outrageously dangerous. Maybe said person of said acronym meant that you only live once, so do something different for a change.

You only live once, so look up from your small device that shows a picture of the sunset and see the real one in front of you. You only live once, so think about someone else’s feelings beside your own!

YOLO has made it hard for people to say those simple words with true meaning, as so many of us have taken it to extreme measures. Maybe, “they” should rename it from YOLO to YGTDGOABR (YOU’RE GOING TO DIE GO OUT AND BE RECKLESS). Sounds about right.

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