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Out of My Comfort Zone and Into the Fire

When this topic was chosen I knew right away it was Misty’s. If anyone knows about living only once and making the most out of it in our little family – it is Misty. I imagine it has something to do with her father’s genes. After all, he came over to America at 18 years old with a “dollar in his pocket and no shoe on his foot”.

Though, there is probably little truth to that story he so proudly divulged, other than the part about him coming to a strange land, at a tender age and persevering to make the most of his life. By the end of his journey, he owned countless homes, buildings, garages, vacant lands and was blessed with a most amazing child! This is a trait Misty has inherited and looks to put it to good use every opportunity she gets.

I, on the other hand, only theoretically have experienced YOLO. Don’t get me wrong, I preach a good word on it. In fact, I even have a loyal group of followers who have yet to notice I haven’t actually fulfilled a single goal without strategically, meticulously planning, pre-planning and post planning it all out. In order to actually embrace the idea that you only live once, it requires a trust in the process and a release of control. Two such actions I fight tooth and nail to accept.

However, if mastered, these two ideals would take my life and propel it into the areas of peace, balance, security and success. Coveted positions in which I lose sleep night after night trying to obtain.

In 2013, I’d been given the opportunity – or rather had taken the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and grab onto an unplanned chance to do something new. This experience could go very well or not well at all – and I had devised no master plan to ensure one or block the other.

For the first time – short of the organized packing of my clothing – I had neither clue where I would start nor end. I left behind my friends of 25+ years that had been my extended family and main support. Despite any fears, the Universe continued to align and make it possible at every turn to ensure I take this next step. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why these doors for forward motion were opening to guarantee I am in the right place at the right time to receive the good, bad or indifferent of what is to come for me.

Beyond the fear is the exhilaration of trying something new.

Leaving behind the exhaustion and finally indulging in the passion of the life I felt I was meant to live gave me the energy of a superhero. I took on this journey of no man’s plan like it is my job! (Well… actually –it was my job. I was being relocated to the South to work on a project for the company in which I am employed)

As I carefully observe my youngest, it becomes more and more clear that YOLO is YOLO because in order to do it, one has to LIVE vs. ASSUME. Otherwise it would be YO -- Ass –( yes that’s right) U and me. And an Ass, I have no desire to be. So YOLO baby – because life should be experienced in every moment of every breath we are granted – not in the assumptions we make for future moments in which we have no control. Easier said than done? My advice is to take one moment at a time; but is that really YOLO? Nope, it’s not. Best you take someone else’s advice on this one.

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