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The Welfare Addiction

Just when you think you really know a word; then you break it down and wallah! One minute it feels great and the next you need to check into rehab! Bish-wah?

open dirty hands with one coin in them

Topic: Dependability - Trustworthy, reliable, steadfast, loyalty; yes, that sounds wonderful! Then there’s Dependable: Reliable, trustworthy, faithful, steadfast, responsible. Absolutely my middle name! Ok the, let’s get to the root word: Depend: Rest on, hang on, be influenced by - wait? What? I’m confused. Dependence: Requirement, reliance, need, addiction, crave – hold up now, you’re making me nervous Webster & Merriam. Dependent: Hooked on, at the mercy of, needy, HELPLESS – OK! Now you are just talking crazy!!! Right?

The Affliction