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Why promises are like propaganda

I don’t make promises because I know I can’t fulfill them, but the hardest kind of vows to keep and fulfill are the ones you make to yourself! You expect to be able to do whatever it is for yourself…so it adds unwanted pressure.

No one makes promises to me (smart choice), so there isn’t much for me to say about this…promises are promises. They can be superficial or they can be deep and true. You do the same thing for both.

Why do people make promises? I feel like people make them because it’s easy to say the words “I promise…”. Those words just finalize everything. Promising is like propaganda…you say you will and never do, but you don’t realize it was you who said “I promise”.

That “I promise” meant much more than spilling your best friends crush. But, can one stop oneself from making pledges they can’t keep? No, promising is a way for you to get someone’s trust…and trust leads to followers…and having people who worship you. Because being trustworthy gives you power! Something all humans thrive for. Promises secure power…but it’s all fun and games till those pacts are broken.

But then again, promises were made to be broken. It’s almost as if people subconsciously make promises so they won’t have to reveal the commitment themselves…and once revealed, can blame someone that isn’t them. Honestly, you won’t see me making promises because I know I won’t fulfill them. Even if the promise is to myself!

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