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The FACs: Promises

I’m still the parent in the room; even though at the FACs table I try very hard to leave that title elsewhere in the house. However, my parental blindness was sure to be rewarded in this topic. After all, I take promises so seriously I was certain the girls would have nothing but praises accolades and crowns waiting for me at the end of this topic. How does the buzzard on Family Feud sound?

Around the Table

Jaz begins the round with a jovial face, smiling with each word as it passes her lips of how she used her toddler charms against me to achieve the impossible. Meanwhile, the warmth of what could have been misconstrued as menopause, begins to rise up my neck as the revelation of what I felt to be an epic parental failure in my life turned out to be a child’s view of getting her way.

That incident was over 17 years ago; why am I feeling like I want to turn her over my knee and spank her for this heinous act of trickery! Why? Because despite the rules of the FACs, my level of education and maturity, I am still human; and the recognition of that alone is a pat on my back. As we turn to Misty, my mind is still on Jasmine’s paper but not for long. In Misty’s classic thirteen year old dismissive, here are the FACs (ironically) and don’t cry about it manner, I sit back in my chair and realize – promises have certainly impacted us, but not at all by the same definition.

Listening to Misty, speak of promises; I’m not sure she grew up in the same household! I mean, I saw her there – even changed her diapers – but how could she NOT care about promises when her mother (that would be me – I have to say that out loud because her perspective on the topic makes me second guess the facts) has bet her entire life on fulfilling promises – to damn everyone! Clearly, at this point, I need some air - - or more accurately a scotch on the rocks; I promise! Let’s see what was said that has driven poor ole’ mama to drink….

Fierce. Authentic. Conversations.

Let Jaz tell it….“…Finally after an epic battle I used my adorable charm to get my mom to promise that she would, from then on, never yell at me again. Although I am not sure why my mom agreed, I thought myself as a two-year old mastermind, due to the fact that my mother NEVER broke a promise.” Read more...

Let Misty spew it….“…, promises were made to be broken. It’s almost as if people subconsciously make promises so they won’t have to reveal the commitment themselves…and once revealed, can blame someone that isn’t them." Read more...

Let Cherie victimize it…“I have to say… I am a bit slighted after reflecting and realizing that no one has ever made a promise to me. NO one has ever given me a chance to depend that they will make “a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing will happen.” Read more...

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