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The FACs: Hair

When HAIR was chosen from the “Ooooh, I may be coming for your neck this week” magical box of topics; the fact that I grew up in a household of long blonde, long curly brown, straight black and thick knotty afros caused me to laugh out loud immediately. Yet, as I gazed around the room at my daughter’s faces, no supporting chuckle existed. In fact, the room fell silent with an aura of intense sadness.

Around the Table

As we shared our thoughts and experiences, we became increasingly aware that the stigmas associated with hair reside on the same playing field no matter how much access to money is present. As we bond around the FACs table, the hair experience though quite comically written reveals underlying personal pains that would ultimately cause us to peel back the layers well beyond the walls of simple outer beauty.

Hanging by a thread onto our words of insecurities, fears, anger and the disillusionment of power hair has over us; we console each other with hugs, tears, laughter and solutions. Our vulnerable honesty finally places us on the road to healing the displaced love we have for hair and its direct connection to our core.

Let’s explore

In our usual style an excerpt from our writings of how each of us feels about the topic: Hair

The Hair-esy of it all! - Cherie, 47

“…From that moment on the jealousy of my sister’s tantalizing hair created a longing that could not be tamed. I remember quite vividly my heinous act of destroying her “Judy” doll with only one rough yank of the pony tail. A sense of relief filled my body when “Judy” was envied no more.” Read More

It’s Just Hair - Misty, 13

“I can’t help but think it’s just another superficial insecurity to add to your already long list of insecurities. Because my hair doesn’t define who I am. My attitude, the way I present myself; that’s how I express myself.” Read More

Me, Myself and My Hair - Jaz, 19

“From age 5 when my tight curls caused heartache and actually more of a headache, trying to comb through those thick dark tresses. The countless hours of de-tangling, complex moisturizing regimens, dry brittle ends and unhappy looks in the mirror caused me to eventually loath my hair.” Read More

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