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The FACs: Dependability

Dependable or Co-Dependent? That is the question. The answers from all three perspectives were eerily connected to the co-dependence of my past. Wow… how could that be I thought? How might they know anything about Co-dependence? I certainly did not resemble the alcoholics who ran rampant in my childhood. But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, right?

Around the Table

As we peel this topic back to its core the idea of being dependable revealed a painful burden for all of us. One that we both desire and abhor; crave and reject. The learning from this topic changed what we valued.

It changed the values that were handed down to first me, then them without our permission or awareness. Recognizing that some values need to be adjusted no matter where, whom or how they had been instilled; let us all off the hook and released our power of “No” unto the world.

Fierce Authentic Conversations

Jaz’s Perspective

" My mother is the most reliable and dependable person I know; not just because she raised my sister and me on her own, and did a hell of a job, but because I see it in her interpersonal relationships with

friends, family and co-workers. On the other hand, another driving force is realizing that being dependable not only helps people but hurts others... Read More

Cherie’s Perspective

"Dependability, yep I have it; without a doubt; that ability to be “dependable”. Then it hit me, the word itself has the word ‘depend’ nested within it. Oh my! I don’t like to depend on anyone other than myself that is.  The very implication brings about feelings of insecurity, worry and shame. Nonetheless, the idea that I possess dependability at the very least has superseded the truth about what it really means...Read More

Misty’s Perspective

"I knew I was an Independent child when I was changing my own light bulbs at the age of six. (That’s a story for another topic) There are things I do on instinct; in certain locations I mark my exits. When I’m on a plane, I read the pamphlet front to back, upside down and sideways, because if this plane were to crash, you can best believe I’d be the one getting off alive... Read More

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