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"My Past, Her Present, Our Future"

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage mothers and daughters to authentically stretch the boundaries of communication beyond their individual family roles and develop a deeper understanding of each other and themselves.


Our Vision

Our vision is for all mothers, daughters and sisters to set their inhibitions free and indulge in the real talk of embracing our past, present and future as individuals.


Our Values

We believe to be yourself is enough. Period.

Join us as we share our family topics and individual responses. We hope it will inspire you to challenge the norm with Fierce Authentic Conversations in your circle of Mothers, Daughters and Sisters

February 11, 2018

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Recent Posts

February 11, 2018

In recent times sexual harassment has been brought to light in a rushing wave through the #METOO campaign. As more and more information unfolded I found myself unable to relate to mass media exposure.  I doubt the experience for these women were any less than that of t...

December 28, 2017

Around the Table

 I was last to speak and quite grateful. Primarily, because I really wasn’t prepared for my kids to learn that my one opportunity to YOLO had scared me straight. (Yes, just as intense as the jailhouse reality show of the 80’s)  My only salvation is that...

December 28, 2017

I hate reading quotes about how “tomorrow wouldn’t be, if you didn’t live today.”  It gets me and a lot of others to do stupid things, because you only live once!  Of course, that one acronym makes it sound as if you are going to die tomorrow and you should go ahead an...

December 12, 2017

Just when you think you really know a word; then you break it down and wallah! One minute it feels great and the next you need to check into rehab!  Bish-wah?

Topic: Dependability - Trustworthy, reliable, steadfast, loyalty; yes, that sounds wonderful! Then there’s  Dep...

December 12, 2017

I knew I was an Independent child when I was changing my own light bulbs at the age of six. (That’s a story for another topic)   I also knew I was an Independent child, since I’ve been dreaming about leaving America to live in England for the rest of my life. But, I co...

December 12, 2017

I’d like to say that dependability isn’t something I struggle with, in regards to others and myself.  The more I think about this topic, the more I realize that I have a difficult time depending on other people and expecting them to be there for me.  Growing up I was r...

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